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AmericanRugbyNews.com is a dedicated news website with a focus on American rugby.

Our purpose is to deliver to the public meaningful stories about rugby games, teams, scores, fixtures and roster, together with all the updated information in the field. Our passionate team makes all this possible and works hard to cover all aspects of the rugby games.

Our main rugby focus is on several sections which you can find on our website: news, club, elite and college. We are constantly expanding our fields of interest regarding the rugby areas and we are sure that in the near future we will cover more from rugby, so that there will be a little bit of rugby news for everyone.
Our aim is to expand the awareness over all aspects of the games by publishing online reports and latest news.

Here is what categories we cover for now and what you can find in each of them:

The News section is where readers can find top stories about past and future games, championships, game summaries, rugby cup games for men and women, together with the most exciting info about what’s happening in the American rugby.

The Club section is where our team brings the most exciting content about rugby clubs, teams of the week, domestic and international teams.

The Elite section is where we cover the most interesting news about the best rugby teams in top divisions.

The College section is all about the male and female college rugby played throughout the universities in the United States of America. College rugby is gaining popularity and it deserves our attention that will be reflected in the content.

We always love to hear from our readers, and we invite you to write to us any questions you may have.

The AmericanRugbyNews Team