California Cup 2017 and the Inaugural

The first edition of the California Cup was announced to be launched in December 2016 by six teams. This competition allows local players to show their talents, skills and abilities and be selected for the PRO teams.

The Cal Cup features Northern California teams, San Francisco Golden Gate, The Olympic Club, and Life West Rugby. Southern California teams competing in the Cup are Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, Belmont Shore and The Old Aztecs.
The Cup starts on December 3 2016, and the finals are scheduled for January 21, prior to the start of PRO Rugby preseason and Eagle ARC.
The Cal Cup schedule is as follows:
December 3 – Week One
OMBAC VS Olympic Club
Belmont VS Life West
Old Aztecs VS SFGG

December 10 – Week Two
OMBAC VS Belmont
Life West VS Old Aztecs
Olympic Club VS SFGG

December 17 – Week Three
Belmont VS Old Aztecs
Life West VS Olympic Club

December 24 and 31 – Bye Weeks

January 7 – Week Four
Life West VS OMBAC
SFGG VS Belmont
Olympic Club VS Old Aztecs

January 14 – Week Five
Old Aztecs VS OMBAC
Olympic Club VS Belmont
SFGG VS Life West

January 21 – Grande Finals – Treasure Island