Wisconsin-Whitewater wins its second DII title

Last two years Wisconsin Whitewater met Minnesota Duluth in the national final and lost every encounter to them. But this year Whitewater is the national DII champion, after defeating Furman with 29 to 13 points in the final game.

The beginning of the game was dominated by the Whitewater, the opponents played very well too, but couldn’t stop the Wisconsin team from scoring the first 7 points. Grams and Treuthhardt were the supermen of the first half and together they scored 17 points. For Furman though, it was a difficult start. The team only managed to score 3 points despite their efforts to breach Wisconsin’s defence.

The second half featured a more active opponent for Wisconsin, with many missed conversion opportunities. This half was indeed brighter for Furman, but not enough to win. The team scored 10 more points. For the Whitewater, center Levi Van Lanen scored another 7 points and then Conor Bell sealed the game with 5 more points, adding a total of 29 points.

Eric Pachowitz was very proud of the team, especially of Treuthhardt. Pachowitz said “The kid is unreal. The fact that he is not being looked at on a higher level is beyond us but we are so happy to have him. The kid has unbelievable speed and his abilities are amazing”